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Shanghai Rong Han financial information services Co., Ltd. is a cross-border business based on the background of the financial and RMB internationalization of cross-border business solutions provider, Committed to providing cross-border integrated services and the resulting financial services and solutions, Rong Han financial business throughout the e-commerce, air tickets, travel, the traditional system Manufacturing enterprises, conference and exhibition, catering hotels, entertainment, video, software, education, games and other industries, and continue to help businesses improve efficiency, create value.

It is the product of Rong Han, focusing on the research of the application requirements of cross-border business enterprises, research and development and promotion of integrated service application system, is committed to China's Sub - commerce industry to provide enterprise - level services for enterprises, businesses and electronic Business Company to provide an overall solution to solve the payment problem, and continue to pay attention to the business risk Control issues, and through the international card payment industry PCI-DSS security certification, fully protect the security of enterprise online transactions.

In order to provide a more comprehensive online service system based, in order to serve the entire electricity suppliers industrial ecological chain as the goal. At the same time to meet the needs of a variety of business, beginning End insist to provide users with the best service experience, and constantly improve customer service, determined to become a leader in cross-border integrated services.

Our history

For a long time, and constantly improve the wild card technologies and products, and firmly believe that good products to merchants and customers closely cooperate and help its prosperity and development

January 2014

Formal establishment of the company

May 2014

Formal on-line test system

August 2014

Formal operation of the system, and VISA, MasterCard and other well-known international card organizations and domestic and foreign banks to achieve in-depth cooperation

September 2014

Through the highest international PCI-DSS payment card security authentication, while the number of new banks to sign a number of cooperation and technical docking completed

December 2014

Get a lot of investors and media attention, has introduced businesses covering wedding dress, 3C, hotels, education and other industries

May 2015

With the enrichment of Xin Financial Information Services Limited reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the national launch of the Internet plus financial payment card

September 2015

2.0 system version upgrade, improve products, improve customer experience

“Service is the most expensive products all over the world, so the best service is not to serve, the best service is not to service.”
——To create the best foreign trade to receive a single platform