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What is it?

Shanghai Rong Han Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. launched a professional international credit card collection channel products designed to help the international business enterprise to solve the problem of international receivables and cash flow, Is a link to the international business enterprise and customer real-time payment of the bridge. Safe, convenient and fast, 7*24 real-time help international electricity suppliers to solve the problem of cross-border international collection, the collection is a good helper for the international business enterprise.

What is an international credit card payment gateway?

Payment gateway (Gateway Payment) is the interface between the bank financial network system and the Internet network, which is converted to the data transmitted by the bank operation to the Internet. A group of server equipment for internal data of a financial institution, or a payment order for the merchant to pay information and customers by the appointed third party. Payment gateway can ensure the security of transactions between Internet users and transaction processors. The transfer of the joint, and no need to modify the original host system. It can handle all Internet payment protocol, Internet security protocol, transaction exchange, information and protocol conversion, and local authorization and settlement. In addition, it can also be set to meet the requirements of a specific transaction processing system. Away from the payment gateway, the network bank's electronic payment function can not be achieved. International credit card payment gateway, is to refer to the international credit Bank payment interface. International credit card payment gateway in general by the third party payment companies and banks to work together to develop.

International credit card payment channel is how to work?

Premise: businesses have been opened and the site has access to the interface.
1:Buyers and sellers through the network to achieve cooperation, and determine the use of credit cards to pay.
2: Buyers through the web interface or other means to fill in the letter and submit payment request to the payment gateway.
3: After payment gateway receives the payment request, carries on the risk assessment and the analysis to the buyer's payment information.
4: Risk assessment risk can be confirmed after payment will be debited from the request and related information to throw the acquirer.
5:The acquirer to debit request and related information to throw the acquirer debit card organization by VISA etc.
6: Feedback payment result. Success or failure, feedback failure reason.

Why choose the international credit card receivables channel, what are the advantages of it?

a:Capital security is guaranteed: first of all, the company has its own independent wind control system, wind control data and artificial wind control team, and the combination of the international famous wind control company to carry out wind control cooperation. To help businesses identify, risk aversion and transaction payment, increase business profits rate, guarantee their transaction security funds. The second is the direct bank gateway, strict audit mechanism to protect the company's Bank Real security, banking mechanism to protect the business of financial security; secondly, the company in good faith philosophy, there is a good risk control and profitability of the company's own security and profitability, so will not, There is no need to take legal risks to do business interests of the interests of businesses, so as to protect the safety of business funds.
b:System security is guaranteed: the system through the highest level of PCI-DSS certification, to protect the business information and transaction information security and stability of the system.
c:Transaction safe and secure: in the transaction system, full use of the world's best SSL encryption certificate service provider VeriSign forced 128-256 bit SSL encryption certificate to encrypt data, the cardholder information and transaction information security.
(2)save worry
a:Monthly, quarter, half of the package cooperation mode, no need to worry about channel instability leading to the channel suspended or closed, pay the company does not refund the cost of account, to bring their own financial losses.
b:90% high success rate, improve the business order conversion and profit margins, no need to worry about the loss of the capital caused by loss of orders.
c:A number of banks, multi-channel backup each other to ensure that the channel stability collection, businesses need to worry about the problem of channel stability.
d:7*24 hours of service, the first time to solve your problem, remove your worries.
a:Anytime, anywhere, not limited by time and space to receive a single.
b:Open convenient, support for personal and business applications, a working day opened.
c:Humanized operating system, the operation is more convenient and quick.

International credit card receivables channel support which interface?

For the international mainstream language (such as: PHP, ASP,.Net, etc.) and the international open source system (Zen, cart, OSC, Magento, etc.) we have developed a targeted interface. Businesses only need to be uploaded to your web server according to the corresponding file directory, the installation can be, simple, easy to use. At the same time, we also have professional and technical assistance to businesses to solve the problem of access to the interface.

International credit card receivables channel which support currency payment?

The mainstream of the international currency support, such as: the dollar, euro, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, pound, franc, yen etc.! In the process of trading, you can directly deduct the consumer currency.

How much time is required for channel access and access?

Businesses to provide complete data and go through the relevant formalities completed, the ordinary day can be opened, after the opening of the channel, the company will arrange corresponding professional and technical assistance business interface connection, access interface, businesses can start gathering.

Is there a fee for settlement? Is there a single minimum or maximum limit?

Settlement no minimum or maximum limit, the amount of the settlement, the proposed greater than 5000 yuan, because less than 5000 yuan system when the fee will generate 5.5 yuan, more than 5000 yuan, without any fees.

How to collect and balance the deposit?

Margin for each transaction amount of 180, 10% days of rolling settlement.

Refund to deal with related issues in the process of using

(1)Refund processing: businesses can be in the background for a certain part of the transaction and all the refund, refund fee is not refundable, because each transaction in the success of the bank has to deal with the transaction fee count in. But not to charge any money back.
(2)Payment processing: if after the payment, banks need to protest in each transaction processing will generate $20 each payment processing costs.

How to handle and open () international credit card collection channel?

(1)Application merchant number. The merchant number is the unique number of the system that is automatically generated when the merchant is applying on our official website. Is also an important symbol of the business, the opening and use of the process will be encountered, please be sure to keep in mind. Application address: http://www..Cn/merchant-registration.jsp
(2)Sign the service agreement agreement mainly by the international payment channel service agreement "and the international payment channel application form"., the merchant receives the electronic agreement, printed, in duplicate, signed (Enterprise Official seal), express or scan, to our company.
(3)Merchant payment. Merchant to pay the relevant account fee to the official website of the specified account.
(4)Audit and open channel. After the company's finance department confirmed the account, to inform the wind control and channel department, to provide information on the business audit, no mistake, to give the opening of the channel.
(5)Interface access. Arrange the technical service specialist to assist the access interface.
(6)Merchant receivables, began to make money journey! Direct bank gateway, bank audit strictly real security mechanisms to protect the company; secondly, the company in good faith management idea and good corporate profitability will not be risked legal risks do anything harmful to the interests of the merchants.

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