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Our wind control

Three aspects of risk control, comprehensive anti fraud protection

Wind control system

Before the transaction

V3.0 PCI-DSS standards, improve the protection system to ensure that the cardholder information security, and in accordance with the requirements of the merchant to pay for the payment page, improve customer payment conversion rate, 7*24 hours to monitor the operation of the system

Third party wind control system


And Maxmind, gatekeeper, CyberSource ranking tripartite control companies, according to customer demand customized to suit its risk control rules, let fraud and success rate to equilibrium

Intelligent analysis system

After the transaction

Daily system intelligent analysis service risk suggest that businesses do each aware of the transaction, audit professionals and more assured, cardholder contact customer service confirmed that to ensure foolproof

“Service is the most expensive product in the world.The best service is no service.The best service is no need to service.”
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