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Enterprise online products and services

Immediately start by the online payment gateway, accept online credit card and debit card payments. You can choose a simple payment page, integrated payment page, virtual terminal services, such as alternative payment methods.
By bank executives, the third party payment senior management experts, senior international credit card risk management experts set up and through the payment industry safety certification of third-party payment platform for the company, is committed to for merchants to provide online payment gateway service, now support the global scope of the international credit card online payment business and global localization payment solutions. The main product service have international credit card payment, 3D channel service, deal with non 3D channel services, the main business areas and many currencies.

Online payment gateway

Through our secure payment gateway, accept fast online bank card payment.

Online payment method

If you are considering accepting payment by bank card, we can help you to open an online merchant account. Simplify online payment, creating a quick and secure settlement experience for your customers.

Fraud and risk management

Our experience and background in the field of bank card acceptance and alternative payment methods can help you make better decisions. We offer a range of fraud and risk management solutions that can create greater profits by improving the percentage of good transactions that motivate your business.

Data and analysis

Monitoring the payment of the performance of all aspects of the life cycle, to understand the key to the success of drivers and interpretation of available data and explore the implied value and control relevant peer companies to measure the performance benchmarks, interpretation of results and to develop strategies to optimize global payment network.

Financial services

By allowing customers to the preferred currency payments to attract customers around the world using our network to supplier or customer payments to avoid excess cross-border transaction costs, easy to manage your money and cross-border remittances.

Optimized service

Minimum payment transaction costs, consulting support, maximize the transaction acceptance rate, improve the consumer experience and bring excellent competitive advantage.

“Service is the most expensive product in the world.The best service is no service.The best service is no need to service.”
——To create the best foreign trade to receive a single platform